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At Pleasant Pet Resort, we have designated check in/out hours.


Times are as follows:

Monday-Friday: 8-10 AM or 4-6 PM

Saturday: 8- 12 PM

Sunday: 8-9 PM or 5-6 PM

  Considering Boarding With Us?    Here's what you should know:

Here at Pleasant Pet Resort, we offer boarding for a variety of animals so all of your pets can enjoy their vacation, while you enjoy your own.

DOG Boarding 

Canine guests are housed in our climate controlled 4x6 indoor sized kennels which come equipped with luxury therapeutic bedding to ensure maximum comfort during your pet's stay, or if you'd like, you could provide your pet's bedding they use at home. We always have soothing music playing throughout the resort area to keep your pet relaxed. Connected to your pets kennel we have private and covered outdoor gravel patios (4x10) that allow your pet to stretch their legs, relieve themselves and smell fresh air whenever they please.


Additionally, our kennel staff understands that all pets require exercise frequently and therefore, all pets will be able to run and play individually in our large outdoor yard at LEAST 5 times/per day in between private one-on-one pampering sessions. One-on-one sessions come free of charge and include brushing, petting, kisses and plenty of hugs for a minimum of 15 minutes!


Housekeeping checks bedding and water supply every hour to make sure no bedding has been dirtied. If bedding does in fact get dirty/wet, housekeeping will replace bedding immediately. While it is HIGHLY recommended that you supply your dog's food during the duration of their stay due to sensitive digestive systems, we can feed them our own dry and/or wet food (Pedigree) at an extra fee of $2.00/day. There's no need to bring bowls, as we will supply them for your pet!

Staff at Pleasant Pet Resort are trained to properly and safely administer any medications your pet needs, whether it be oral medications, creams or shots. We will administer them just as you would at home for an extra fee of $2.00/per day.  When it's bedtime at Pleasant Pet Resort, all pets will be snuggled and given one last treat for the day.

      In-Home pet Suites

We do have special  luxury suites that work perfectly for elderly/overly anxious or special needs pets that will keep them away from the hustle and bustle of our regular resort area. These suites are located inside of the owner's home to ensure supervision 24/7. In these special suites, expect your dog to enjoy soft padded floors, their own television, therapeutic bedding and personal toys. Staff will personally walk dogs 6-7x's per day, deliver "room service" (includes breakfast, dinner, and Beggin' Strips/Biscuits) and cuddle your pet frequently. Housekeeping comes by every half-hour to check water and bedding.


ALL canine guests MUST have these vaccinations prior to their stay: Bordetella, Rabies and the Distemper shot to ensure safety of not only your pet, but all other guests as well. As per Pennsylvania law, all dogs must also have a PA Dog License. Not having a license won't prohibit your pet's stay but inspections are always by surprise, and if an inspection happens during your pet's stay, you will receive a fine for not having a license. 

Guest Boarding Requirements:

All feline guests must be up to date on the following vaccines:

  • Rabies

  • Feline Distemper 

  • Feline Leukemia



All canine guests must be up to date on the following vaccines: 

  • Rabies

  • Canine Distemper

  • Bordetella

  • A negative stool sample

Dog Boarding Rates:

$26.00/Per night, per dog for Regular Suite

$36.00/Per night, per dog, for Luxury Suite

$12.00 extended-day fee if checking out during evening hours.

$2.00/per day if we supply food.

$2.00/Per day for administering medications.

SPA PACKAGES ARE AVAILABLE FOR AN EXTRA FEE! Check out our grooming page to read more.

Cat Boarding

Pleasant Pet Resort also offers feline guests to stay at our resort. Feline guests are housed in their own section of the resort which comes equipped with personal and climate controlled "Kitty-Condos." Currently, we are in the process of constructing larger, luxury Kitty Condos. We provide cat beds of all sizes to ensure the comfort of your cats during their stay. Kitty Condos have their own food bowls built in, so there's no need to bring feeding/water bowls. Pleasant Pet Resort also has a variety of cat toys to keep your cats entertained throughout their stay!

Our staff lets each cat out individually into the "kitty playroom" so that they aren't contained to their condo all day. These playroom visits are always supervised and last for a minimum of 15 minutes. Your cat will be snuggled, brushed and loved frequently throughout their stay. Housekeeping will visit the Kitty Condos every hour to clean litter boxes and check water supply. 

While we can supply wet and/or dry food to your cats for an additional $2.00/per day, it is HIGHLY recommended that you supply your own cat food to ensure that their diet isn't abruptly changed. If your cat requires medication of any kind, we will gladly administer those medications for an additional $2.00/per day.

All feline guests must have these vaccinations prior to their stay: Rabies, Feline Distemper, and Feline Leukemia to ensure not only their own safety, but other guests' as well.

Feline Boarding Rates:

$16.00 Per night/per cat for Regular Kitty Condo

$22.00 Per night/per cat for Luxury Kitty Condo (coming soon)

"Pocket Pet" Boarding & More!

Pleasant Pet Resort offers boarding for small pets such as guinea pigs, birds, rabbits and reptiles as well. We also have boarding for larger farm animals such as pigs, horses, donkeys, etc. To inquire about boarding options for these animals, please call our facility. 

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