(frequently asked questions)

  • Can I bring my pets own bedding for their stay?

  • A: You absolutely can! While Pleasant Pet Resort supplies bedding for all guests, you may bring your own. Even providing a blanket or shirt that smells like you will help keep them comforted.

  • When will my pet be fed? How will you know how much they eat?

  • A: Our day starts around 7am, when all guests will be fed their breakfast. At 4:30pm guests will be fed dinner. However we want to stick with YOUR pet's personal schedule, so we please ask that you leave a note with specific instructions on how your pet would be fed at home so we can follow those directions. (For example, if your dog eats breakfast, lunch AND dinner, please let us know.)

  • What should I bring for my pet's stay?

  • A: All pets should arrive at our resort with enough food to last for the duration of their stay in a plastic container or bag (unless we are supplying food (there is an additional charge.) Please feel free to bring any bedding, toys, treats or even a personal item that smells like home. We want your pet to feel like they never left home! However, we cannot guarantee that your pet won't decide to take a few nibbles out of those items.. (they ARE four legged children after all) But our staff will to everything they can to preserve those items and keep them clean. Your pet must have proof of vaccination with them when they arrive, or if you'd prefer, we can contact your veterinary provider and have them fax over the according paperwork. (This includes Rabies, Distemper and Parvo.

  • What do you mean by special needs/senior dogs?

  • A: Special needs dogs are dogs whom have difficulty getting up/down, have mobility issues, impaired sensory abilities, complicated medical conditions or any other medical problems that require regular medicating and frequent monitoring. We do NOT classify dogs with behavioral disorders as special needs dogs.

  • Why will I receive an extra fee for checking out in the evening? 

  • A: We have specific times for check outs. All pets must be checked out in the am on weekdays, Saturdays  before 12 noon and  Sundays between 8-9 am (See hours on home/boarding pages) You will be charged for an extended day-stay ($12.00) if checking out AFTER those hours due to the fact that your pet will still be enjoying the amenities that we provide. 

  • What might I expect when my pet comes home from boarding? 

  • A: Naturally, your pet will be very excited to see you just like you are to see them. Some pets may be tired for a day or so, just like you might be after a fun vacation. 

  • Will there be someone at the resort over night?

  • A: Several staff members do in fact live on the property of the resort. This allows for your pet to be checked on as-needed. Just because the resort is closed to the public, it does not mean that we aren't here caring for your pets.

  • Will my pet be allowed to play and socialize with other guests? 

  • A: Unfortunately, we do not allow guests to come in contact with other guests at the resort. This ensures the safety of all guests including your own pet. 

  • What is your cancellation policy?

  • A: Pleasant Pet Resort understands that plans may change. We ask you to please give us a courtesy call so that way we may make room for other guests. We do not charge any cancellation fees.

  • Can my pet get groomed/bathed while staying? 

  • A: ABSOLUTELY! Just speak with a staff member upon arrival so we can add their spa day reservation. (Additional fee will be charged.)

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!